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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
April 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 4

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Hope you've been well over there!:-)
Am definitely anticipating a fun month over here. My boyfriend is turning 60 this month, so there will be lots of celebrating over here. 

Well, the past month was definitely been an interesting month over here, in a good way.:-)
I have been learning  lot lately about the law of attraction, that I do believe has been starting to benefit me in my personal life. And to say that is a big thing for me. As I have tried it so many times before and it has never worked at all for me. I had pretty much given up on the whole thing, until  I came across some new short books on Kindle and decided it was time to be open-minded again and give it another try. And I did. And I think it did do some good this time.
I started by trying to manifest the kind of new job I wanted. I was looking for a new day job that would be right for me at the time. I was reading the book "The Magic Formula" at the time by William Wittman. Since I loved his "Simply Serene" book so much I thought I would give this one a try.
In it he said that the reason that manifesting what we want doesn't work for most people (it hadn't for me till that point in time for sure) was that underneath it all,  your mind KNOWS that you don't have whatever it is you're asking for, so just saying you have it now isn't fooling anyone in reality as inside you you know you don't currently have it.
Made sense to me. He has a new way to bypass that, so I went and tried it for a while. And I did in fact get a job that certainly seems to fit what I asked for. I can see for sure that it meets 2 of the 4 things I asked for. The other 2, it is too soon to know yet as I just started very recently. But I was happy. And when I asked Tarot,  my cards said that I did in fact manifest that job, which make me even more happy.
I then came across two more books on the topic that made it even clearer and easier for me. Just read them yesterday. They are called "Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer" and "Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance" both by Greg Kuhn.  Both little books but fascinating to me and quite informative. (If you know me, you will know I have been reading all these books on my Kindle) :-)
Since I was getting into this law of attraction thing AND have always been curious about quantum physics and how it connects to spiritual things, I thought to read them. I just learnt a lot form them both that I am happy to know.
On another front, I ordered a new deck a few days ago and can't wait to get it. It's my first Lenormand Oracle and I find it an amazing one (you can see some of the card images at the bottom of the page.

I have been so excited waiting for it to come, and talking to others who have a Lenormand, and watching youtubes on it and reading up on it. And it has not even arrived yet. LOL
Funny thing is I have already started to see the symbols in the cards in my real life. I saw 4 in a 2 minute period. Since I am not on to believe in coincidence, that has meaning to me.

As I was studying the deck so much, my bf just  came home one day with a mug with an image of an anchor on it. Anchor is the second to last card of this deck! So that was some interesting timing.
A minute or two later, literally, he was watching TV and called me over. There was a show was on that he wanted me to see about Rome. I looked and they were showing a mosaic pattern in the floor. In the image were 2 ships, a tower in the middle and fish under the ships. Nothing else in the image at all. Now Ship, Tower and Fish are also 3 other cards in my new deck.
So that was pretty interesting, all those cards from that deck I have been so fascinated by showing up in my life in a short period, just now when the deck is so on my mind.
This has happened to me before too. Right before my first crystal ball arrived (it is royal blue) I saw a ceiling on a shopping center decorated with about 100 hanging royal blue balls. And my beautiful crystal ball arrived the next day.
I do take these things as meaningful. Maybe it is to tell me that I will get my new deck tomorrow. LOL
Usually I do take them as angel messages that I am meant to work with this tool, a sort of confirmation that yes it is part of my path and I didn't fall into it accidentally.
But honestly after reading those two books on Quantum Physics, I've been wondering it there is something else along the lines of Quantum Physics to it. And wondering if I didn't manifest those things into my life myself by thinking so much about them. If you ever read the last two books I mentioned above you may know what I mean. :-)
Anyway, have a happy April, and enjoy the warming weather! 



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Quote of the Month

"Most people's lives are run by desire and fear.

Desire is the need to add something to yourself in order to be yourself more fully. All fear is the fear of losing something and thereby becoming diminished and being less.
These two movements obscure the fact that Being cannot be given of taken away. Being in its fullness is already within you. Now"
--taken from the book, Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle.
This made me really stop and think. I just loved it and so I am sharing it with you here. 

April 2014 Contest

For the April 2014 contest,  I am offering an Oracle reading.  It will be a fairly big one with lots of cards for you, with little snippets from each.  At least between 20 and 30 cards, which I am hoping will give you some important and helpful info. :-)

To enter the contest, just click here.
In the Comments section, just write "April 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Saturday April 26, 2014  and will be announced in the May 2014 edition of this newsletter.


Last Month's Winner

The winner of last month's contest is Linda C. from the USA.

Last month's prize was a 9 card playing card reading. It's been a while since I have done a playing card reading here, so I have to say I am very much looking forward to it. And to seeing how I can help Linda as well of course.

Congratulations again Linda, and we will be talking some more about it soon.

Have a nice weekend and a beautiful springtime,


Tarot Demystified

Good readers vs bad readers (and warning signs of the latter)

What makes a someone a "good" or a "bad" reader is for the most part subjective.  I don't usually use those words at all for that reason and because they do sound judgmental. But I used them today as I was trying to make a point which I will get to sooner or later here. LOL

But yes for the most part both readers and querents (those who have readings done) are individuals each with their own personality, tastes. life beliefs and needs.  As readers I believe we each have to develop our own code of ethics that represents the highest version of who we can be as readers. But that too varies from reader to reader, depending on their personal beliefs.

The cards will give readers the answers, but what each chooses to do with that and how they choose to form the story with the info they are given is more personal and comes from who they are inside. Some readers believe only in giving the straight facts and nothing else.  Some look for solutions to issues brought up by the cards in the reading. And/or to offer comfort.

None of these make a reader a good or bad one. It really depends on the needs of  the querent. If they prefer bluntness and just want to know the facts, period, a reader who prefers to give the answers in that format will be the  best fit for them. If they  are they type who needs help seeing the positive side of a situation that is really bothering them, a reader who makes that their focus would be the best fit for them....At this point it's just a matter of finding a reader whose reading style matches your needs and tastes.
As a reader we need to develop our own beliefs on things like if we feel it's appropriate to answer questions about someone else other than the querent, if it sometimes or never is and a number of things of that nature. We need to ask ourselves what WE think the purpose of a reading is and how we can best achieve that.  What we need to connect to, to do that. And how.
Some things I personally believe strongly in are that we are there to help others. In my mind any reading that makes the client feel worse and not better is a failed reading. Even if the info was completely true. I believe that if people come to me for help, it is my job to help.
I believe that to be a reader you have to always put the querent's needs first. And that means also being available for any questions after the reading is done.
And here is where I am working into the reason for writing this today, a reading should be complete unto itself. It should answer any questions asked and not leave any open questions or threads hanging.
I wrote on this topic today, because some readers are not completely honest and some people will even claim to be readers and charge for it who have no idea how to read at all. Unfortunately for this beautiful thing called Tarot, there are some scam artists out there.
And that is really what I originally meant by "bad" readers.
Some signs to watch out for if you see them:
  1. A paid reading should be complete and not leave the question unanswered. It is unethical for a professional reader to suggest that you need another reading. If a reader leaves a lot of unanswered questions, then says that to find out the rest, you need more readings...that is a warning sign.
  2. Very unfortunately some readers purposely give scary readings and then tell the person they need to buy some kind of talisman or good luck charm to ward off what is coming.  That is also unethical.  And the reading was likely not true at all, just a means to charge more money.
  3. Another thing to watch out for is a reader who asks you not to tell anyone what your reading said. Which makes you wonder why someone who takes pride in their work would not want others to know about it. I once heard of an entire high school class who went to the same reader as a class assignment.  The reader told them never to tell anyone what their reading said. Afterwards they DID all discuss it and found out that all 35 or so of them had gotten the identical reading! 
  4. I also once joined a site and when I joined it came with a free reading.  Since it was free I went for it. The reader then wrote me that I needed to understand that she had had so many requests that she could not afford to do them for free anymore so she was going to charge for them. I told her that was fine, but since I myself am a reader, I don't need it and can do my own. And thanked her for her time and told her not thank you. She did not give up there but sent me a relentless series of letters trying to talk me into buying a reader from her. Full of unethical statements like no one should ever go to professionals like psychologists are readers are more caring and do a better job...I am sure she never meant the readings to be free at all.
  5. Which brings me to another point. It is unethical and also illegal in many cases for a  reader to tell someone not to see a professional: a therapist, a doctor, a lawyer. If someone has a real problem that needs to be treated by a professional, the reader needs to tell the person that they need to see a professional about that and that is not the domain of Tarot. 
  6. Also as a professional if you agree to do something, then to me you need to do it. It's a matter or not taking on things you are not sure you will have the time or resources for.

Coming next month: Tarot and your dreams
Asking about Life

This month I pulled out my Margarete Petersen Tarot for you.  I felt a longing to use it. It's just been a while and the imagery of the deck is so wonderfully intuitive.

I thought this month that I would ask about daydreaming. it's something we all do, but probably don't think much about it. I thought I would ask a bit about it month and what kinds of purposes it can serve.  Here goes: :-)

Question 1:  What can daydreaming be when used in most uplifting way? 

Card 1: The Crone

This card is from the Major Arcana. And that means that it is talking about a very important life lesson, one that we can really learn something from.

The Crone card is unique to this deck.  In the Tarots I know of and have, Card 9 of the Majors tends is usually called The Hermit. So this is something unique here. And it really is a beautiful cards with a beautiful meaning.

The Crone is about what we can learn from our life experiences. listening to our inner voice and the voices of our heart and soul, This card says that daydreaming, at its best, can connect us to something greater and more meaningful that the mundane everyday parts of life.

It can connect us to something deeper and teach us things we might not ever learn in any other way. And that is a pretty good place to start.

The card image is saying to me that daydreaming can show us the light and how to head towards in when things feel dark around us. It can be uplifting. It can shine the light on things and help us see and understand more clearly.

There is something creative to it and it can connect us to our creative side from deep inside us. And that helps in problem solving.  At it's best, it can strength us and help us to not give up until we succeed,

Card 2: Son of Coins (reversed)

Here is another aspect of what daydreaming can be, at its best.  And this card is a Coins card about your goals and how to best work towards there. It's a reversed "Son" which in this deck is related to having hope and faith in life, optimism, expecting things to work out for the best,  and seeing the magic in life.

This card is saying that at its best daydreaming can be a help to us in goal setting and in accomplishing our goals. Positive feelings, such as faith in life and optimism, naturally make it easier to work on and stick to your goals. If we expect the best outcomes, we may even set higher goals than we might otherwise have dared and achieve them.

Daydreaming in a positive way can help us see the best in ourselves, expect the best from the situation ...and all that helps avoid things like procrastination and other things that could otherwise waylay our efforts.

The image says that it also keeps us focused in the right direction no matter what, and that does pay off in the end, It gets us on the proper flow to achieve our goals more easily. And even to see and understand the reality of the situations we are in more clearly and accurately. And that helps us grow in positive ways.

Question 2: What is daydreaming when used in the least effective way?

Card 1: The Fool (reversed)

The answer from this card is pretty much the opposite of that of the last card. Not totally unexpected as the question is the opposite side of the coin from the one above.

But this card is an important one. It's a reversed Major Arcana card. And that says that it is has a very very important lesson to teach.

Basically it is saying that when used in the least effective way, daydreaming can rob you of your faith in life and lead you to expect negative outcomes from your life.  And that just turns things upside down.

 It can make you feel all at sea, alone and isolated. Even trapped sometimes. Even if these are not reality, daydreaming in negative ways can lead to these feelings. It can make you see obstacles around you, when in reality none exist. Danger when there is none there in reality. It can make you turn your back on warm experiences trying to reach you. At times, it can keep you so lost in thought that you don't see or notice the warmth all around you.

Card 2: 10 of Feathers

The suit of Feathers in this deck is about your thoughts and the WAY you think. Daydreaming is of course about just that. The 10's are about the most of the suit that it is humanly possible to have. So really the 10 of Feathers, for me, is about obsessive thinking. Thinking about something ALL the time and having a hard time focusing on anything else.

This, this reading is saying, is an ineffective way of daydreaming. If is not a real way to solve problems although sometimes it might seem to be. This image says to me that this tends to happen when you are already seeing the situation in a dark or negative way. Which says that there has already been some ineffective use of daydreaming to get to this point.

It just distorts your vision so you don't see as clearly and makes things feel stormy that are nowhere near as bad as they may seem. And it makes it hard to see the love-based and positive sides of the situation (every situation has them) that might be the key to actually solving the issue.

Question 3:  What advice do you have on how to make the best out of our daydreaming time?

Card 1: The Chariotess (reversed)

This card is another reversed Major Arcana card. So again,the cards are saying there is  a very very important lesson here.

And the main lesson is to remember that no matter how things seem, nothing is ever all black or white. There are good sides to everything and to every single issue. Nothing is ever hopeless and it is not at all a bad thing to expect something good to come from every situation in some form or other. In fact, it can be a good and useful thing and tends to be.

The lesson here is that if you use daydreaming in a way that helps you remember and believe in that, it will lead you to a better place than seeing only the harder side of things. That if you use your thoughts and daydreams in a way that encourages you not to give up and to believe that if you don't you will succeed, well....logically think how much more likely you are to succeed, than if you use your daydreaming time expecting to fail and telling yourself you may as well give up now. It makes sense as to which of these paths is most likely to lead to more success in your life.

The image shows a white cat and a black one. And that is really the point of the message of this card here. Do you use your daydreams and imagination to prove to yourself that you are good and lovable and worthy of all the best life has to offer so of course it will come. Or do you use your daydreams to tell yourself you are eternally unlucky (represented by the black cat).

The point of this card is to tell you that you CAN and WILL succeed in the vast vast vast majority of things. if you have faith and don't give up.

That being so, and if expecting the best is most likely to lead to achieving it, then which path would feel happiest to you, To imagine the worst or to imagine good things to come?

Card 2: flipped Mother of Feathers (reversed)  


This last card here is also from the suit of Feathers, about your thoughts and way of thinking when you daydream. It's a reversed Mother, which here in this deck is about fate, destiny and sometimes all that is meant to happen.

It the end it comes down to faith.  And to how YOU SEE and believe that it works in your life,  Here it's about  destiny in the sense of if you tell yourself that things are destined to work out well or badly for you. Naturally each will lead to very different kinds of daydreams. Of course what we believe to be true is not always. A belief is nothing more than something we have told ourselves often enough that we have come to believe it.

This card is talking about where your daydreams come from. It says it might be helpful to stop and look at that. To see if the way you are daydreaming is your best interest. If it is coming from a place of pain. If it your eyes truly are open to seeing each situation as a unique one with no real connection to the past. if you are seeing clearly or if you vision is clouded by certain thoughts, and if there are some distortions in the way you see the situation. If you can truly see the calm center under the situation and the loving spiritual aspect above it. If you can always see the blue sky behind any clouds and maybe even more importantly to trust it is there even when you can't see it.

Those are some things that came up from the card image as things to think about if you want to daydream at your best. :-)
April 2014 Friendship Reading

This month I decided to use a pretty Tarot deck for you. It's called the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black.  I just love the artwork of this deck and the way it reads too.
This month, I asked this deck what was the absolute BEST advice for you for April 2014. It said:
Card 1: King of Coins
This card that is starting off your reading is all about the goals you have for what you want to accomplish this month and how to best do so. Kings are about inner mastery: self-control, patience, will-power, self-knowledge, wisdom, and any kind of strength that comes from within.
So to start with, this reading is saying that a good place to start this month is to be clear on what you really do want to accomplish. What would you like to create, have, be, give and do this month? What would it take to have all that? And when you are clear on what you want and can see the path there, if you want it enough the rest will follow.
The main figure in the card represents you. So the feather in his cap says life will send you the tools to create what you want this month. But the half eaten food and the urn turned on its side and its liquid poured out is about wasting what we are given.
The message here is that we are always sent what we need to be and create what we most want and need.  Sometimes we take advantage of it and sometimes we take it for granted to greater or lesser degrees, taking if for granted and not even noticing it's there. This card tells you that you will be sent all that you want and need this month to create what you want. The questions for you now, this month, are can you see and recognize what comes as what it is and see it's potential. And if you do what do to choose to do about it. It's all about choosing here. We always do have the choice.
Card 2: Queen of Coins (reversed)


This is of course another card from the suit of Coins here, about your goals and how to best accomplish them. A reversed Queen is a very positive thing. It tells you that your life will work with you, by your side, to help you accomplish what you want to. That is some pretty good news from this month.
It says that once you know what you want to accomplish and are clear on it. if you set out to work on it things will fall into place. What you need to accomplish it will show up when needed. The resources and people who can help you will be there when needed.  You can expect this to be the case this month, as this card is saying it will be the case.
The half eaten food and the overturned urn are shown again here. Saying that you have a true opportunity this month and if you don't waste it, you can really accomplish a lot.

In the sense that the King and Queen of Pentacles form  a pair, are a couple, this says that the messages of the two cards are connected...married together. And that knowing that you can expect the resources you need to be there this month can help you get together the self-motivation and willpower to take on a new project. And conversely, if you set your mind to take it on, your life will be on your side and things will go well.  You will have some "good luck" in your endeavors and things will fall into place as needed.
Card 3: 10 of Swords

The image here may look pretty negative, but please remember it's only a symbolic image and there are no negative Tarot cards.
The short version of this card simply tells you not to spend time worrying this month. Or ruminating over and over on the same thing. That is really the basis message of this card. Not to run yourself into the ground with worry. And the good news is that there really really is no need at all for it right now (although I think it's pretty safe to say that it rarely serves a useful purpose anyway). 
But given what the last two cards have already said, if you set your mind to work on something this month, things will go well.  And that tells you that any worry is groundless and unnecessary. Life has your back, so why worry?

Cards 4 and 5: Wheel of Fortune and Strength (together, both Majors)



These last two cards and an important part of your reading. The came out of the deck together and form a card duo. This means that their meanings are very closely connected.
What is also important here is that BOTH of these two cards are from the Major Arcana.  They are the only two cards of your reading here which are. And the Majors represent things that happen in your life that can teach you important life lessons.
The first card here is Wheel of Fortune. The general meaning of this card is that something that you had not planned on will happen. Not something negative, but just something unexpected. In my experience it always indicates something that will ultimately be in your best interest.
This card talks about one path closing down that you expected to take and another opening before you instead. It's the kind of thing where you plan to move to one city and your job transfers you elsewhere instead and you meet the love of your life in that new place. Since we can't know where we can meet someone who we are meant to love, sometimes life just takes a hand and makes makes sure we are where we are meant to be, even if we had other plans. The Wheel is about that type of thing.
So this card is saying that this month something unexpected will happen, that was meant to so that things can work out for the best for us.
The second card is called Strength. And it means pretty much what ti sounds like. It's about our inner strength.
Since the two cards came out together and are closely related. It says that this new thing that will come up unexpectedly in your life this month will be there to teach you something about your strength. Once you look it in the face, you will see it barely takes strength at all and will be easy enough to handle.  It will make you stronger and happier and it is something to embrace for this reason and all that you can learn from it. And what you do learn from it will change you in a way that will benefit you forever.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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Wishing you lots of springtime beauty and joy this month!