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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
February 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 2

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

This being the February edition of this newsletter, it's all about the love. To me there's not much in life more important than that topic anyway. And this month's edition seemed to want to talk a lot about self-love, always a very important topic, in my eyes, too.

Things are going great over here. So I thought I'd share. I found a 9 week course to take this winter, through, on Spiritual Insight. Not only do I LOVE that kind of topic, but it has been so much fun to meet all those people with similar interests to mine. I just came from my second class last night and I had a blast. So far what we've discussed has been about how to live your life more purposely/purposefully rather than just living a mechanical kind of life.And about being aware and in the present moment. Just fascinating!

I just love to learn new things and especially spiritual ones, so for me there is nothing better than a course like this to take me through the winter. No chance of any winter blahs, not when you have something that fascinates you to work on and interesting new people to meet.

I have to say here that  last month's Friendship Reading has been really helping me. Those readings apply to me too. ...the part about how something unexpected will happen and that it will not necessarily be a bad thing, but it will be unexpected. And it goes on to say that the change will benefit me in the end, will be for the best. And the change will be healing..

In December, I lost my day job. Totally unexpected, yes. They downsized half the office. I took the holidays off then had a bad cold so took a couple more weeks and....yesterday i was offered a job with quite a bit more pay.  I truly believe all this and that this is how life always works. But just hearing it in the reading when I was in that position was encouraging and has been such a help over the past month

Oh here's something interesting. My reversals method that I use and invented was given honorable mention in Barbara Moore's blog. Here is the link

She mentioned a part of it, but left some parts out. I added them in in the comments at the bottom. Nice to be mentioned though in such a nice way.

Before I go, I'll leave you with two more web sites that i am enjoying. If you love to read, these ought to help make this an enjoyable winter for you. Both are free of charge. If you don't have an e-reader, you can download a free Kindle here for your computer, so that you can read books there. Here is the link for that.

If you look in the Public Domain section, there are also tons of free books you can download. Here is the link for that.

And I am also very much looking forward to this month's global meditation. (see 2 sections down) Can't wait to start.  Maybe that is the key to staying happy in February, the coldest month over here, to find new things that fascinate you and try to spread some love.

Wishing you a great month of February, with lots of love, light, warmth and laughter,

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All the best, joy, love and beauty!
Love and Peace Meditation

I've decided to do something in the newsletter this month that I haven't done in a long time. This month  felt like a good time to do some group meditations to send some love and peace around the world.

I guess you know by now that I'm a pretty big fan of meditations of any kind and I really do love the kind that sends loving and healing energy around the world. its definitely something I have always enjoyed doing and something that can do a lot of good in the world around us. The energy of a group of people working together towards a common goal tends to be much stronger than what any one person can do alone. Also this newsletter does have readers from all over the world, so what better place to do a worldwide group meditation?

This month of February I am going to work on just that--sending love and peace around the world. I won't set specific times or dates, as the people reading this are all around the world and it would be too hard to coordinate. What is a reasonable hour in one country may be the time people are normally asleep in another.

What I do personally plan to do is to do these meditations as often as I can fit them in this month. Particularly on Valentine's Day itself feels like a good time. Anyone who cares to join me, whenever you feel you can, is more than welcome. The more people the better. I will be posting this meditation in other places as well. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else you know who may be interested.

For those of you who have done this type of meditation before and have a usual method for doing so, just do what you normally do. For those who don't, feel  to use  the one here:
I was quite impressed with this web site as well.
Let's get together and do some good in the world this month.

Quote of the Month

If  you wish to be loved, show more of your faults than your virtues.
--Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

I particularly liked this quote when I saw it as it felt so meaningful to me. I don't know if you are like me on this one, but I know that for me when I am in a situation where I realize I really care about someone and things are so new I am not yet sure if is reciprocated, I tend to want to show them the parts I consider my best sides of myself.

This quote made sense to me,  as of course for someone to really love you they have to know who you really are, and see all of you. And yes allowing yourself to be vulnerable is part of that process. You have to take off the mask. Our mistakes too are part of who we are. And for someone to truly love us, they need to see all of that. Otherwise they are not loving us, the person we really are.

And I do truly believe that when we are being our true selves, we are each of us unique and beautiful beings who are a true gift to the world. 
February 2013 Contest
 For this Valentine's edition of this newsletter I am offering a 3 card relationship reading, using my beautiful Lover's Path Tarot. The winner gets to ask me whatever they want to know more about related to the relationships in their lives.

Is there anything you dream of having more of in your romantic life?  Let's ask the cards how to get that for you.

To enter the contest, click here.
In the Comments section, just write "February 2013 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Sunday, February 17, 2013  and will be announced in the March 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last Month's winner

The winner of last month's contest was Pablo C, from London, UK.  I left it open last month, so Pablo gets to choose between a Tarot, Oracle, Angel, Rune or playing card reading.

And congratulations for being the very first contest winner of the new year!!!

Looking forward to doing the reading and seeing what I can do to help, :-)

All the best, Pablo

Tarot Demystified

Not all Tarots decks are created equal.

(image by Ciro Marchetti, taken from his site

There are over 1000 different Tarot decks in print.  If you don't happen to be a Tarot reader or collector, you might think that the only difference between different decks is the artwork. But actually there can be a lot of variation between decks. And they are not necessarily interchangeable. They don't all answer in the exact same way. Personally when I read for others, i need to sense which of my decks will give them the answer in the best clearest way. That is part of the process of the reading to me. Some of the ways they differ are:

** the number of cards in the deck:: A traditional Tarot decks generally has 78 cards, divided into two main sections.   Major Arcana (about the important life issues in our lives) has 22. and the Minor Arcana (about the more everyday aspects of life) has 56. The Minors are divided into 4 suits numbered 1 through 10, plus the court cards, just as a deck of playing cards are.

Although that is the norm, some decks have more cards to them, or less. Some decks add an extra card or to the Majors. Some decks have an entire extra suit. The largest deck I have, which is also one of my favorites, is the "A Fool's Journey Tarot". It has an entire extra suit. plus 2 extra cards to the Majors and one extra random card. There are also Majors only decks that contain only the cards of the Major Arcana.

Decks that do not follow the tradition of having Majors and Minors with specific meanings are called Oracles.,not Tarot. They take a different format,. in fact there is not real format for an Oracle deck. But they can and do work equally well for many readers. They certainly do for me.

**The style or artwork used in the Minor Arcana: The Minors 1 through 10 are called the pips. Some decks have non-illustrated pips (basically the images are just symbols) and some have illustrated pips.("real" images) Some readers prefer one, some the other. I guess that boils down to personal taste, but here are some images to show the difference.

Here is the 2 of Cups from my 1JJ Swiss Tarot (a non-scenic pip)

 And here's the same care in my Victorian Romantic Tarot  (a scenic pip)

**the tradition behind the deck: Most decks follow the pattern of one of the three traditional early decks. The Thoth Tarot, The Tarot de Marseilles, or the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot. Some break out on their own, but most follow one of the three. The latter is the most common and actually the deck that us most often recommended to start with as a reader. And most learning books teach that method. Not everyone feels called to use that deck though and its not a necessity.

**specific decks for certain types of questions: While any Tarot deck will answer any question, some decks seem better suited to certain types of questions that others. The card images have a lot to do with what a reader will see in the cards too. Some use them more than others, but I don't believe anyone ignores them completely. The Bright Idea deck is amazing for brainstorming and seeing things in new ways. The Osho Zen Tarot, with its focus on Eastern Philosophy is excellent for spiritual questions. As is the Angel Tarot if that is part of your belief system. And decks with imagery representing days gone by tend to be well suited to past life readings. Two of my favorites for that are the Symbolon Tarot (called a Tarot but really an Oracle) and the A King's Journey Tarot.

** the imprint of the deck creator and artist, in the artwork: Each deck is really an individual thing. Someone created it and they had a vision of something they wanted to add to the world by creating it.  As well, a lot of how Tarot works is through the card images. One of my favorite quotes is "Tarot is like visual poetry". And so it is. And each deck does of course have different artwork. That each of us, being individuals will see and be affected by somewhat differently.

Tarot has a lot to do with symbolism. And each card image contains a lot that can be taken symbolically. as does any image. A deck creator has specific life views and beliefs on what life is and can be, the meaning of life.  As we all do of course. But their deck will be created in line with their beliefs. And that will tend to flow and can be seen throughout the deck. And it will affect what the reader sees in the cards of that deck. Sometimes if the life philisophy of a deck is too different from our own, we won't "get" the deck or be able to read well with it. Every reader has a few decks like that, that they bought and found they could not read well with. But which decks these are vary from person to person. A deck that does not read well for one reader may well be the one that reads best for someone else. It's an individual thing.

**the "dark" decks vs the light-filled decks: Then there are what are called the "dark" decks. They tend to be the vampire based, slightly to quite scary or unsettling images kind of decks. Some readers are very fond of them. Some stay away from them. I personally stay away completely from the dark decks, as they are not representative of who I am as a reader. For me readings are about making the querent feel better, not unsettlied. And about finding the light in the situation, not looking in the dark side of life. But hey to each his own and there are decks that suit any need,

**keywords: Some decks have keywords on them that tell you a bit more about the intended meaning of the card. Generally one key word per card.They are like a hint of the direction of the card can take you. I personally enjoy keywords, But a lot of readers don't so that too boils down to personal taste.

**decks read differently for each reader: And last but not least, deck read differently for each reader. As readers we are all individuals. And we all learn to develop the reading style that works best for the individual we are. Our personality and our goals and even our belief system has a lot to do with what it is possible for us to see in a card. These are unique to each of us.

Some readers are very blunt and direct. They just state the facts that they see and do not analyse. A different type of reader who looks for the causes and cures of situations will tend to see different things in a deck than a more blunt reader will. It's what you look for. Not to judge any different style of reading, just to say that the two types of reader will not see the same thing in a deck because their focus is different;

And OUR lifeviews. One reader who believes in reincarnation may see that in the cards. But another reader who does not believe in that will never see that in this same cards.

**beauty is in the eye of the beholder: All of us like to work with artwork that appeals to us, that we find beautiful and that draws us in. When we feel an affinity for a certain style of artwork, it's easier to connect with it and work with it. Naturally as all human beings have different tastes, that differs from person to person. 

There are also decks created from the artwork of well-known artists. I have the Golden Tarot of Klimpt myself. which is one of them. But there are many others as well. As readers we are blessed to have such a wide variety of decks to choose from that we can all find SO many that are wonderful for us personally.
Coming next month: the difference between Tarot and the other divination methods I use
Asking about Life

I thought this month would be a good time to ask about self-love. I find it such an important topic, and this being February and the month of Valentine's Day felt like the perfect time to ask. It all starts with the self-love as they say,  It affects so much of what goes on in our lives and in our relationships.

This is The Heart Tarot, by Maria Distefano. Its shape did have something to do with why I chose it for this edition of the newsletter and for this question. But is also is a deck that I am quite fond of. I love the artwork of this deck and the way it reads. I find it a good deck in and of itself and one I am happy to have in my collection.

I asked 3 questions for you here about self-love. They were:

Question 1: What is self-love?

Card 1: Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

I found this part of the answer very interesting,. Pentacles for me are about our goals and also the work we need to do to bring those goals into reality. And a reversed Queen is about something we are being guided to do. A reversed Queen here says that this (having self-love, loving ourselves) is something that our lives are guiding us to do. This cards says that it is part of our life goals=purpose to feel that way about ourselves. It affects how we carry out our other life goals. And that if we do not feel it yet strongly enough, our lives will continue to guide/lead us to that place where we do. It is that important to where we are meant to go and what we are meant to be in our lives.

The card image show the woman (representing each of us here) looking towards the left, the past. And this says that this issue is something that has always been important to us, since forever. The bird she is holding represents the/her soul. So this adds in that self-love is important to us on a soul level.

On her back is a blue heart. Blue is about communication and well the heart is about love/self-love. This says taht having that self=love there behind us improves the way we communicate with others,. The mauve hair says that ultimately it makes us stronger and is healing to that which does not make us feel strong. And lastly, the image of the world in her hair says that it also gives us a stronger connection to the world around us and it removes a lot of the petty concerns that make it harder to see the big picture. Without those worries, we can see more clearly.
Card 2: King of Pentacles (reversed)

Yep, this is another card from the suit of Pentacles, all about our goals and how to best achieve them. But this time we have the King, reversed. A reversed King for me is about Destiny. It is about those things that are fated to happen and will happen no matter what.  My beleif is that these don't come up often and for the most part we are free to create whatever we want in our lives. But there are also those times when something is meant to happen and can't be undone. And when this happens it is always in our best interests. And these things that are destined to happen come up as reversed Kings, the way I read.

And well, the image is perfect here. It shows the king looking in the mirror. And really that is what it all boils down too: how we see ourselves.  It's about what we see when we look in the mirror yes, but also about what we think and feel inside when we think of ourselves, our past actions, who we are as opposed to who we think we should be.
And there you have the little king looking in his mirror. He's not perfect, as none of us are. And  as no human being ever can be. He's a bit of a short stout little fellow. Could use a bit of a shave and a hair combing. And has a tail growing where many would think humans are not supposed to grow a tail. But its not about what others see of think, it's about what he feels and thinks when he sees himself. Others may be wrong, he needs to be able to look and see clearly what is there for himself.
And he is shown in a state of self-love here. He is wearing purple, the colour of healing. And that heart at the top of his heard shows loving thoughts about himself. Maybe in the end it's about what you expect to see in yourself versus what you do see. Holding unrealistic expectations that no one could meet may well not be conducive to the growth of self-love.

Question 2: What does it lead to in our lives?

Card 1: 3 of Cups

This is a card from the suit of Cups, about our feelings. And the 3's for me are all about being caring, nuturing, giving, open, and loving. And i think this card is kind of interesting coming up here.

This card is saying that if you treat yourself well and love and respect yourself and take good care of yourself..., doing these things will lead you to have more to give to others. It will engender the kinds of feelings inside you that make you want to hold your your loved ones close, to be there for them, to be that giving and loving person who you really are inside.  And it will make it easier for you to do so.

The image shows a woman holding a basket with her loved one in it. And also behind her are two empty baskets, which to me represent the extra positive energy she has stored up in reserve should anyone she care about need her help. She is not overtired and overworked because she saw to her own needs,. And so has this energy in reserve should it be needed.

The leaves and flowers she wears also say that because of the care she takes of herself, she is growing into a more beautiful person and so the quality of what she has to give is also higher

Card 2: Knave of Pentalces (reversed)
This is again about our goals and how to achieve them, a Pentacles card. A reversed Knave for is about optimism and faith in life. It's about believing our lives will work wtih us to help us create what we most want. I am finding teh combination of these two different ideas quite interesting.

As the image shows, someone whose needs are not met (because they do not make them a priority) is likely to feel like he is carrying a heavy load. The snow underfoot says that their lives may feel a bit cold to them. The burden this person carries has the form of a maze, and that says that they may feel they have gotten themselves into some things or situations that they do not quite know how to get out of. If you can't find a way to get what you want out of life, it can be hard to stay optimistic about life in general and about all that is happening in your life.  But of course we all choose our priorities.

This card says that how much optimism we have in life, how stongly we feel that things will always work out for the best for us....affects how likely we are to take certain actions or chances. And that affects the goals that we set. If we feel something is too hard to achieve, we will likely not try. If we feel that we have nothing to lose and we already feel fulfilled inside and feel sure that life is on our side, we're more likely to  take more chances and win at things we may never otherwise have tried,.
This card says that all this is connected together.
flipped The Lovers (reversed)

This is an important card here,. The most important card in this entire reading. It is  flipped card, (a card that flipped out of the deck durinig shuffling) which means that there is somethiing in this message that is a bit deep and it will be easier to see it if you stop and really think abour the message. This is also a Major Arcana card, which tells you that the message of this card is related to a very important life lesson that your life is working to teach you now.

The question again was what will self-love lead to in your life. And the answer here is about love. The Lovers IS a card about love. it's about what it means to love, how we express love, and all that related to love.

And what you have here is an image showing to opposite forces embracing in a loving way, connecting thruogh love. The image is divided into two parts, two opposites:  day and night,  light and  dark, our thoughts and logic (represented by Air and the wings on the first being) and our feelings and emotions (represented by Water and the mermaid tail on the second  being). The two looking at each other in love.
What this says is that, in short, is that if we truly love ourselves then we will truly know how to love another. if we can accept all the sides of ourselves, all the dark and the light, and if our logical side is at peace wtih our emotional side... If  we can freely see ALL that we are, accept it all and love all the sides of ourselves equally and unconditionally, then it will be that much easier to love others unconditionally. if we can accept within ourselves all that we are and that we don't need to be perfect, then we won't need others to be perfect either,. Of course self-love means that you won't let anyone mistread you. But it can also make us less judgmental in that way. And that is the message of this card,
Question 3: What are the best ways to treat ourselves in truly loving ways?

Card 1: Ace of Swords

This is the Ace of Swords, about having pure, optimistic, open, warm love-based thoughts. Since the question here was about how we treat ourselves, this would be talking about how we think about ourselves, about having those kinds of thoughts about ourselves.  It's about expecting the best of ourselves, knowing we can handle whatever comes, that we always have handled it in the past  and that we are continually learning and growing and getting even better at it over time. This part of the answer says that to treat ourselves in loving ways means to have the kinds of thoughts about ourselves that make us feel good inside. And to think of ourselves as we would tthnk of a good friend.

As for the image here, is of  a knight protecting a woman from a threatening looking monster, This [part of the answer is talking about standing up for ourselves and about assertiveness. It says that if we really care about ourselves this is a good way to look after ourselves. It's about facing up to something that bothers us, faciing and solving any problems in our path so that we can get back to our sense of inner peace n the best ways. Not, of course being aggresive, but being assertive when needed. Just as we would not just aside if a loved one needed us, the same would hold true of ourselves.

Card 2: 6 of Pentacles

Here is one last card from the suit of Pentacles, once again about your life goals and how to go about achieving them. And it's the 6, all about love. And the woman here with the long grey hair is talking about long-term goals, about your goals on how to live your life.

As for what this card image says are some the best ways to treat ourselves in loving ways..., all the plants growing tall and healthy around the woman (who repreesnts us) say that one way is to think of ourselves as continueally evolving and growing beings. We are not who we were yesterday anymore, and tomorrow we will grow into even more than we are today. Every day brings us new experiences, and each new experiences teaches us new things that help us learn and grow and evolve

It's not about feeling apprehensive about trying something again that did not go as planned that last time, It's about realizing that you have grown and learnt since them, since we are not static beings frozen in time, and all that you have learnt has given you new talents. And expecting that either you will handle it well this time OR that you will learn a new and valuable lesson that will teach you how to handle it better in the future. And seeing it as a win/win situatiion. And turning your back on any thoughts or feelings that tell you othewise,.

The woman holding out the apples (frruit) before here and looking at it with eyes half closed, is saying here to me that its about looking at the fruit of our labors. What have we accomplished in the past that we can allow ourselves to feel proud of? And allowing ourselves to feel that, And what have we learnt from the experineces in the past that helped us grow and made us better people? If nothing comes to mind in certain situations, it's never too late to stop and think about them now and learn something truly useful.
The long hair in this image says that tts about really seeing our inner strength (which may be more than we even realize) and giving ourselves credit for it.  Not ever of course to think that we are stronger or better than others, but it's about realizing that we are human beings (all of us) with an amazing inner sterngth that can be tapped into an amazing ability to keep growing and improving all of our lives. We are exactly where we are meant to be at any given stage in our lives. it's about accepting that and letting go of what is not acceptance of that.
And then to do what follows naturally, to pass some of that love we feel inside on to the others in the world around us and to life itself.,

February 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I decided to use my Cupid Cards for your reading. just because the deck seemed in line with the Valentine's Day theme of this month's newsletter.  This particular deck was created by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. And it is an Oracle, not a Tarot. And a very interesting one at that. The cards in it are divided into three sections. And to do a reading and to answer a question you take one from each. Together they
form a full sentence, including a subject, verb and object.

Since our relationships with others in our lives is such an important topic, and actually the one and I get asked most about in readings, I thought this month I would ask for you what you need to know this month of February 2013 to make the most of the relationships in your life and to help them run in the most harmonious loving ways.

I asked the Cupid Cards that question for you and here is what they had to say:

The three cards were: The Teacher, Loves, and Self Esteem
=The teacher loves self-esteem. The longer version of this thought as given by this deck is: " Study and share your wisdom with one experienced enough to value it. Be realistic and learn what love is. Find someone with whom you want nothing less than to spend your life together. To achieve this, put your needs first, especially if you have a fear of feeling alone of being alone."

So taken together they are saying to make your self-esteem a priority this month in your relationships. It will feel good to you to do so and another part of this message is that we actually  do teach others how to treat us by how well we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. This is not saying to get defensive, but just to be aware that we do teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves and that self-esteem is the path that will ultimately feel best and create the feelings in your life that you most love. Again this does not have to refer to a romantic relationship. It can be referring to any long term relationship in your life, eg parent/child, a deep friendship, brother/sister. or just any relationship that you hold dear and expect to be forever.
As for these cards taken separately:

Card 1: The Teacher

 This card shows you as a teacher. The people you are in important relationships in your life with have something to learn from you this month.  They will learn about relationships in general and about your relationship specifically from the words you say and the way you act. They are going to learn in these areas from you this month.

The card image shows you looking towards the future. This card is asking you to stop and think about what you want to have in the future with these people and what lessons you would want them to learn about what you share. Since this card says that the others in your relationship will be learning from you this month, it wouldn't hurt to consciously think of what lessons you would like to share, what you want what you share to grow into, and how you would like to be seen in the relationship. And to embody those in your words and actions. This card is asking you to be aware of what you are teaching and to try to align it with where you want to be heading in these relationships.

The butterfly indicates a period of growth between you. And the image says to really just be your true inner self and stand tall and be proud of who you are.There is nothing to hide and you are more than fine just as you are.   And then to lovingly, joyously and openly share that beautiful inner self with your loved ones.

Card 2: Loves

This card says this month can be a truly open and loving time for you in your relationships. A time of positive growth and evolution. Almost a vacation from the mundane.  it's a time to think on what love is (both self-love and your love for others and even love for the world in general) and to embody your highest beliefs on love. It's a time to really open up your heart, to openly be you and to take down walls and let the others fully in. into your true inner self.

Card 3: Self-Esteem
This is also a month to make sure you don't neglect your own needs. Listen to your inner self, your inner heart. While yes, being loving means being good to those you love, and caring and nurturing and this is an important part of the energy of this month, at the same time none of this means to neglect your own needs. Remember to listen out for your own needs and be caring and loving and nurturing to yourself too. You deserve your own care as much as anyone else does. And when your own needs are not met, it makes it harder to be fully open to another.

This is a month to listen to your own soul, and to what it is telling you it needs and to what it wants to teach you about love.

Try not to listen to anything pulling at you from the past that may not be in your best interest. Any habits that you react to unthinkingly. If you feel pulled to think of act in a way out of habit, stop and think if it really does reflect who you want to be in your relationships in the future and what you want love to be in your life. You get to choose what you create with the loves in your life this month. And you get to choose what you teach the others in your life about the kind of love you want to share and about how you want to be treated.  And that can create some huge and beautiful change

Think of what you want to share together and how to create it, and let those be the lessons you teach.:-)
Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

Please feel free to come visit me on my web site:

for an in-depth, personalized reading delivered right to your Inbox, whenever you'd like my help with any issues in your life.

I'm always here for you and I'd be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

In this month of February, I wish you love. Love of life, love of your self. And may those around you truly see you and the unique and beautiful being that you are.