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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
December 2012 Edition
Volume 4, Edition 12

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

Well as so often happens here in my newsletters, this one too seems to have developed a theme as I was writing it. As this year draws to a close, this newsletter seemed to want to be about looking inside ourselves. about self-knowledge and self-examination

2012 will soon be ending, and a new year beginning, so in reality what better time to look inside and see where we are and who we want to be in the new year. If we find we are  just where we want to be then we get to start the new year knowing that. And that is a great feeling.

If there are still some things we'd like to tweak, that's good too. A new year is always a great time for change and starting anew. It's a fresh new start, where we can leave whatever is old and not serving our purposes anymore behind. Just leave it there in 2012, and when the year ends its over.  A new year can be both a time to let go of things and a time to get excited about all the new and exciting things that are coming. :-)

Since each year does bring a lot be be excited about, that seems like a good place to focus attention on now. And even more good news, hey: the shortest day of the year takes place this month so the days will start to get longer again afterwards. :-)

This month, I wish you wonderful warm holidays with loved ones, relaxation, and the joy of being you in this world.

Before I forget, here is the photo of me in my Halloween costume that I promised to show you last month, That was me somewhat "gypsied up".  Yes, I really did go on the bus and two subways and even to the gym after work dressed that way. I did eventually put some shoes on, before I left the house though. LOL

Oh and btw, I had so much I wanted to share with you this month that it did not all fit on one page here. So you may have to look to the older posts section to catch the end of this edition. :-)

Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year!



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 Wishing you a deliciously happy holiday season this year. And may 2013 be one of the best ever for you!

Quote of the Month

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
--Albert Schweitzer
The message for you here is about the magic and beauty of life we can so often take for granted. When we are preoccupied with working on what we hope to create and achieve, we can forget to stop and really look around us. I know I do this at times...  So this month the message is about making time to stop and see (and smell) the flowers  And really see and experience the beauty that is life all around you.

 Wishing your "flowers" along your path this month, and the time and peace of mind to revel in their beauty.

December 2012 Contest

This month I'm offering another Angel reading. It just made sense to me this time of year.:-) This will be a 4 card Angel reading to offer you advice for the upcoming year.
To enter the contest, click here.
In the Comments section, just write "December 2012 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).
The drawing will take place on Sunday, December 23, 2012  and will be announced in the January 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last month's winner

The winner of last month's contest was Linda C. from the USA.

The prize was a 4 card Angel reading.

Will be contacting you soon, Linda, to see what you want me to ask so we can get started soon after. I'm here for you!

And all the best for the upcoming holiday season!

We'll be talking soon, :-)


New Toys


Well here is another edition of the New Toys section. :-)

As you know, a toy for me is just anything you can play with and have fun with. And you know that I do LOVE playing with the Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards and my Runes.  

Well this month I am learning something totally new. Since I have a vacation the end of December i will have lots of time to play then., :-)

I ordered my very first crystal ball of all time, ever, a few weeks ago and it just arrived at my home on Nov 23/12.(images above) I knew nothing about them before, but I just LOVE learning new things and have been reading about them for weeks now and am just getting ready to try. I am so in love with mine. Can't wait to see what fascinating new things come from the learning. :-)

And something I found exceptionally interesting...I had ordered my ball weeks ago but I knew it was coming any day now. The day before it came I went out to lunch, which I actually do not do all that often, and as I walked into the shopping center where the restaurant was....

....guess what I saw? (images below)...

Just when I knew my royal blue crystal ball was coming any day now, ...THIS. And I mean,, YES we are coming up on Christmas, and you can expect to see decorations....But I mean what were the chances of them ALL being the same colour and ALL the identical color  to my ball just when it was about to arrive? And even the same shade....there are many shades of blue too.

I felt immediately it was  a sign. I do not believe much personally in coincidence. To me things that happen in life have meaning. As soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to take the a photo to show you. :-)

After I went back home that day, I looked at the tracking records for my package. They said that it has crossed the border into my country just an hour or two before I saw this. And then it arrived in my doorstep the very next day.

For me as soon as I saw it I felt sure it was a sign. Like a welcome sign, as if the universe wanted to tell me that it was so looking forward to communicating with me through my ball that it started the communication even before the ball arrived. :-) That and SO many balls gathered together in that shopping center reminded me of abundance. And that felt like a message that working with crystal balls would help to bring more abundance into my life. That felt like the message to me.

But I am opening up the floor here to you here. If  you see something else in the message, let me know what you see. I'm very open to hearing what you have to say about it. :-)
Have fun with what your life is teaching you too this month:-)

Tarot Demystified

The morality of asking certain types of questions

Any Tarot reader needs to know inside them what kind of reader they want to be, who they want to be as a reader and who they want to be as a human being in their interactions with others. What we want to put out into the world and how we want to affect the world around us. The answers to these questions are personal, but they affect so much of what we do as readers and how we do it. And of course, even our view of Tarot, how it works, and it's basic purpose affects how we read.

As we are all different inside, and the answers to these questions vary from person to person, there are many different kinds of readers out there. Good readers come in all different types, with different styles, Which is a good thing as the people who come to us for readings also are individuals with different tastes and that helps ensure that they (the querent) can find someone with a style that matches their tastes.

And then we come to the question of moral values and what part they plays in readings. What we are willing to do or not do as readers has a connection to that at times. One part of the answer is that, as readers, people come to us with all kinds of questions, but we have to decide inside ourselves what is appropriate or not. Which kinds of questions we are willing to answer and which we will not answer.  if something does not feel appropriate to us, we really shouldn't be doing it. This can, and usually is, a subjective thing. And since I have no intention here of telling others what their moral values should be and I would not do so, for the rest of this discussion all I can do is tell you my views on this.
Some types of questions where our beliefs/moral values come up are:

  • Medical or legal questions, or any questions normally handled by someone in another profession. Those don't feel ethical me and if I get a question like that I would refer the person to the appropriate professional
  • Questions asking what the querent should do in a situation.  I personally see Tarot as a tool to help us decide but not a tool to make decisions for us. That would rob us of important life lessons we need to learn. While the cards can tell us the potential outcomes of different decisions we might make, the choose still has to be ours.
  • Any question asking how to harm another person, I wouldn't touch that will a 10 foot pole.  Eg "How can I best take revenge on X?"
  • Any question on how to make someone feel or do anything feels immoral to me. And I have gotten these questions in the past. People ask tings like "How can I make X love me?"  X has free will and has the right to do and feel what he is inclined to. As my number one life rule is to treat others as i would like to be treated,  this question just makes me think how I would feel if someone tried to make me/force me to feel something and that just makes me cringe inside. I might ask for someone "What can I do that will increase the chances that X will naturally feel love for me?" But that is as far as i would go with that.
  • And then comes the famous question about 3rd party readings and if it is moral or not for one person to ask a question about another. Opinions vary greatly on that, But my view is a firm "It depends"  To me some of those questions feel moral and some don't. It really depends for me on the nature of the question and why it is being asked. If there is anything catty or gossipy or if there is other reason for asking than curiosity, no I would not read on that question. But if the person is asking for an unselfish reason and really trying to benefit the other person, yes that is fine for me and even a good thing. If the question is something like "How can I help X to feel less angry?" or even "What is X feeling right now?", if that knowing will deepen the connection between the two people and help what they have grow.or "What can I do to help X not feel depressed anymore" me, personally these are all good and very valid questions.
  • I personally will not answer questions with a negative bend. Like "What is wrong with X?"  The very question shows that the person does not really want to understand. They have already made up their mind and don't want to change it. If their true desire was to understand if would be better to ask what is right with X as if you remove the anger behind the issue, there is a valid/understandable reason for everything people do. And understanding comes from connection not separation. Asking what is motivating X is act as he does is fine, but I would never read on a negatively phrased question.

The above are all questions we might get as good readers that we personally have to decide if we are willing to take on,. depending on our personal moral values.

In the end, to me, Tarot is a spiritual tool and is best used as such. The motives of a good reader should be sweet and giving and sharing. A reading,for me, is a celebration of life.It should be a positive pleasant experience for all concerned. Tarot should ideally be a tool used only in positive ways to lead to positive results.

Coming next month: What you should expect from a good reader (and what not to)

Asking About Life

The deck used here this month is the Wizard's Tarot by Corinne Kenner, a totally fascinating deck to me that appeals to the same side of me that just loves the Harry Potter books. Reading with this deck is a visit to Wizard's school where the Majors are your teachers and the Minors are the other students you'll interact with. The school itself is called Mandrake Academy, a old-fashioned school hidden away in a wooded area. The concept of this deck always appealed to me, as to me Tarot itself is very much a tool that can teach us so much about this magical thing that is life.

Something happened in my life that gave me the idea for this month's topic.  A short while back, I said something rather mundane to someone and got an answer that felt extraordinary to me. It was just someone on the phone whom I did not know. And at the end of the conversation I told them "Have a good day!" as I often do, and yes  I do mean it when I say it.

And this person said to me: "Oh yes, I am sure to enjoy it!:" And the certainty with which he said it really made me stop and think. Usually people just say "You too" when I wish them a good day. "Or sometimes they say ":I'll try" or I'll do my best" But the certainly of this person's answer, the certainty that they would enjoy the day no matter what it brought really made me stop and think.

To me, I really admired that. Just that certainty that whatever comes can and will be enjoyed for sure, before he could even know what was coming. While in theory I get it that in large part we choose our thoughts and our way of thinking that leads to our feelings, yeah sometimes I can feel somewhat unsure at what might come. When I know I could choose to embrace whatever does comes and be grateful for the learning experience it is.

And so in honour of him, this month I am asking....

What way of being inside leads to this attitude?

Card 1: flipped 4 of Pentacles

A flipped card is a card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. It has an important message and is asking you to stop and think over what it is saying. When you get a flipped card, there is a depth to the answer and the more you think it over the more you may see in it. All 3 cards in answer to this question are flipped cards, which makes sense as it is a kind of philosophical question.

This card is from the suit of Pentacles, about the life goals you want to set. And I suppose that does require some thought. You have to know where you want to go before you can set the general direction of your life. You have to know the destination you want to arrive at before you can set goals on how to get there.

This is the 4 of Pentacles. And the 4's are about completion for me. The life student here has a circle on his head (the Pentacle itself), and that says that the path to arrive at this attitude (if that if where you choose to go) requires you to first complete your thoughts on what will make you feel most whole and complete inside yourself.

And the image shows the ground starting to freeze up and some snow is in the air, But that is behind the student here. He has put any "cold" memories behind him here as he looks towards the future, looks forward to the future.

Card 2: flipped 5 of Cups



 Here's the 5 of Cups. Cups are about of feelings. And for me the 5's are about our upbringing, how we were taught to think and feel about things and life, what is expected of us. what is socially acceptable and all that type of thing.

This card is says to find the answer to this question, whatever it is for you personally, you would have to stop and think on these things. This student is shown examining her feelings here, feelings that came from her past. And she is looking a bit unhappy, so let's say (given the question) that she is examining any feelings that she has that  the future may bring something she may not enjoy and where these feelings came from. She is looking inside and seeing where any concerns or expectations of this happening are actually coming from.
Sometimes in life we pick up our way of thinking from the others around us. From our family growing up, from our friends and teachers, and even from the world around us. This can happen without our thinking about it consciously or even really noticing.  If an attitude is prevalent around us we may pick it up and the feelings around it, whether or not it is true or accurately reflects our world or who we want to be in it. Or whether it is actually helpful or harmful to us to think this way.
The spilt cups in this image say that yes every life has a few spills in it. But our attitude towards them when they do happen is a lot more important than the events themselves when it comes to how we will view our future.
This card is asking you to stop and think a bit on what your feelings are about anything that has hurt you in the past. And then on where they came from in you, and how they are affecting your view of the future. Are they just attitudes you learnt to have growing up, that you just took for granted because everyone around you feels the same? IS it serving your best interest to be where you are now on this issue? And when you look back the harder times in the past,when you look can you see some good things that came from them? And can you expect more of them in the future and make that the focus?

Card 3: flipped Ace of Wands (reversed)

This is a Wands card, about what you want to create of your life and of yourself. A reversed Ace, for me, is about justice and fairness. It's about thinking over and figuring out which attitude that you could choose would bring out what is more fair to you and the others around you in your life. Because yes, we do affect the others around us by our attitudes and what we do with them.

This image feels perfect to me here. The image is one of summer and yet the Wand looks as though it were covered in autumn leaves. And that is just where we are now: leaving the summer behind and halfway between autumn and winter. And the electricity around those leaves represents the different energies you could choose to embrace on this issue.

This card feels like it is saying to me that now is a perfect time to practice/work on your feelings about the future if that calls to you right now. Here we are halfway between summer and winter. We can choose to think all that cold weather is coming that we will not enjoy and all the extra clothing. Or we can think of snow angels and skating outdoors. hot chocolate.and the like. We can think of the days getting dark early or all the beautiful lights that will light up the darkened sky. If we put our focus on what is enjoyable and look for it, it seems likely we will find more to enjoy/

Of course nothing is all black and white, and no thing is all pleasant or unpleasant. Everything has more than one side to it. We get to choose if we expect to enjoy what is coming or not. And I suspect that what we expect to feel will have  a big effect on what we do feel. Just as the Wand is twisting her from the energy of what is being created by the attitudes we choose

December 2012 Friendship Reading

The deck I used for you here is called the Celtic Wisdom Tarot and it was created by Caitlin Matthews. It was one of the very first decks I fell in love with as a reader. I loved it for its vibrant colors and artwork. But once I started working with it I loved if for its uniqueness and wisdom was well.

Just for this reading, I used a different method of that another reader mentioned to me and I felt like working with here. So for this reading a reversed card means something going on inside you and an upright card means something going on around you in the outside world.

As always, the question I asked for you this month was:

What do you most need to know right now to make this a great month of December?
And here is what this deck had to say:
Card 1: Combat of Knowledge (reversed)

This deck is very unusual yet beautiful (inside and out deck).. The cards which would normally form the Majors are called the Wisdom cards here, tracing the soul's path as it moves towards wisdom. And the rest are called The Story cards, depicting the more mundane aspects of our lives, the stories we go through that teach us.  The 4 suits are called: Battle, Skill, Art and Knowledge, representing the main activities of the Celtic people at the time.

And here you have a card from the suit of Knowledge, which interestingly is associated with the Fall season--just where we are now. So a good place to start. This was a reversed card so it is talking about things going on inside yourself, not in the outside world.

This is the 5, the Combat of Knowledge. This card is asking you to look inside and see it here is any conflict in what you believe you know of the world and about yourself. Do you sometimes think things are one way and then sometimes see them differently? Does you mood affect your view of yourself and the world? Do you have a long held belief, but someone you know sees the same situation differently and their point of view also makes sense to you?

This December is a great time to take a good look inside and look for any inner contradictions and work them out inside of you.

The image is telling you that some very warm and loving experiences are trying to come to you. To you and through you. There is also something very warm and loving trying to grow outwards from inside of you and to spread into the world. But if you feel there are some inner contradictions in your inner belief system. working on them now will help all this grow. And just try not to embrace any issues from the past and hold them to you that ended long ago.

Card 2: Elopement of Knowledge

Here is another card from the suit of Knowledge. This one is not a reversed card so it is about your knowledge of the outside world, what you know of life in general and believe to be true of it, not about what you believe to be true of yourself. It's about your world view and how you see the world around you.

And it's the Elopement of Knowledge. The Elopements are about seeing a lack, having a sense that something is missing for things to feel complete and whole. The Elopements are about feeling that there is more you have to or want to learn in order to truly succeed in what you most want to.
This card is saying that knowledge and wisdom take time and asking you not to try to rush them. Understanding of life takes time. When we are introduced to new ideas, they need to simmer for a while inside us before they become part of us. We can be told a life truth, but it takes time to become a part of us, of who and what we are.
This month, you will receive some wisdom about life, It will come to you, but be patient with yourself as you assimilate it. And know that you have the knowledge you seek already inside you. But this too takes time, looking inside and finding it and assimilating it into your life view don't happen all at once. But that knowledge is there, you will find it if you look. And yes, you already are all that you need to be
And this month of December, as the year draws to a close, can be a great time to learn and understand life in stronger and deeper ways. If there is something missing in your understanding of life, if that curiosity about life if there, this month you can fill in the blanks and find it. It will take a bit of time but the results will be worth it and bring you more completeness, and connection. and inner peace.
Card 3: flipped The Counselor (reversed) 

This is the only Wisdom card of your reading. So there is some wisdom here that the message of this card is trying to bring to you. It is a reversed card, so we are talking about inner wisdom, some form of wisdom about who you really are deep inside.  Wisdom that you can only find from inside yourself. This and the next cards are also flipped cards, and that means they are telling you there is something deep in the answer that you might see more clearly if you stop and really think about it.

This card is telling you again that you have the inner wisdom you seek already there inside you. If you make time and look inside it is there, just waiting for you to find it. And it is telling you that if you make time to slow down and look inside it will really help you make the most of this month.
Make the time to slow down this month and live in the present moment. Feel the sun on your skin, the wind flowing around you, the feel of the ground beneath your feet (this all connects about to this month's quote of the month as well).
This card is telling you that spending time in and feeling and getting in touch with the nature that is around you can be very healing to you this month and feel just plain good. It will help you really feel that connection with and warmth coming from life towards you
The dog in the image says that you are safe to make and take this extra time for yourself. Unless they are truly an emergency, whatever other things you feel you need to do in that time will just wait patiently for you until you are ready. You live in a world that is loyal to your needs. When you need the time for yourself, things will fall into place for that to happen.
Card 4: Quest of Battle (reversed)  

And the last card here today is from the suit of Battle. It is also a reversed card, so we are talking about an inner battle. Incidentally, the suit of Battle represents the winter season. And since this is the December Friendship reading, running till the end of December, the winter season will be starting during the time frame of this reading.

This is about any inner confusion or inner conflict going on inside you. And this card is good news. :-)
This card says that after you truly see anything that is holding you back, it need not hold you back any longer. Things run in cycles, no experience lasts forever, and we can choose to let go of anything holding us back or keeping us from being the best we can be. Once we can clearly see it for what it is, then we can let it go.

The trick is to get all our inner forces all "rowing" in the same direction at once. When we are all on one track and everything in us is moving steadily in the same direction, then things really start to move in our lives and then what we most want comes so much faster. We move towards it that much faster.
Really seeing what is holding us back brings us out of the darkness  and lets us put it down and let it go so we can row more smoothly in the right direction. It is what is needed this month to help you succeed in the best way and to reach where you want to go in the smoothest way. And then it will be smooth sailing from there


Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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I'm here for you if you need my help and I'd be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

Wishing you an enchantingly beautiful month of December, one that fills your heart with the beauty of nature!