Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here is my very newest toy, the one I talked about in the June 2012 edition of my newsletter. :-)

My new Miche bag finally arrived and just in time for my birthday too. :-)
For me anything that is fun to play with and brings you joy is a "toy". LOL

In case you missed it or weren't here for the last edition of my newsletter (that will be soon ending to be replaced by this blog), Miche bags are purses, but very special ones. They start with a base bag, mine is black. And then you can get different covers (called shells) in all different colours and textures. They come in 4 difference sizes and there were about 40 shells in just the size I ordered.

Both the base bags and shells have magnets in them and the shells snap on easily and securely. The magnets are also "earth magnets" do they do not damage credit cards or cell phones, so I have heard. So what you have is a system where you can easily (in literally about 3 seconds) change your purse to match your outfit.  I have 6 shells already to play with, which had been a ton of fun for me.

This shell is from the Hope collection. All whenever you buy a shell from the Hope collection part of the proceeds go towards helping with childhood cancer. And what is more fun than that, feeling like you did some good in the world.

Since I am in Canada, I got mine from but they are available in many other countries as well. If you're curious, you can look on YouTube as well under Miche bag, there are TONS of videos on them as well. So that is my new toy and what if bringing me joy in my life right now. :-)

Oh and the background in the image is my den where we lie down and watch TV. I love my chocolate colored walls. If you're like me, chocolate is relaxing! LOL

Friday, June 22, 2012

Doreen Virtue Workshop

Well here is my first post on my first blog ever. Hope this works and if not please feel free to let me know where I went wrong, LOL

I thought I would share with you how the Doreen Virtue angel workshop went to. She was here in our city on June 16/12 and I was lucky enough to be there. That is actually her on stage, it was the best image I was able to take with my cell as I did not bring my camera.

Well, for me the whole experience was amazing. There was so much love in that room, and the whole atmosphere felt very healing. Just SO much love, you could really really feel it in the room. I have to say i truly had a wonderful time.

Doreen herself is well known worldwide and very well loved. At least she was by all of us. We gave her a standing ovation when she arrived and when she was done. And then we all sang her a French song about loving and caring at the end.  Her translator translated the words for her and it felt sweet (I live in a French city in Canada, even though I am not French.)

It was a day long workshop, from 10-5. For me, I learnt a lot. Of course we talked a lot (mainly) about angels. We did a lot of group meditations and prayers for the earth and the environment, which given the strength of the atmosphere in the room I am sure they did some good. I would say there much have been about 300 people there.

There were also some question and answer periods. And periods where Doreen was able to get message for people and help them. And here is one that surprised me. Doreen asked that group of 300 loving caring people how many of us had been told they were "weird" at some point in their childhood and had been hurt by it. And to put our hands up if we had. Of about 300 people only a handful, maybe like 5, did not raise their hands. So if you were ever told that growing up and were hurt by it, what I learnt was that it is pretty much normal to have been told that at some point and that it was very probably meaningless and just about the other person's issues.

It felt like a truly wonderful experience to me. Words will never capture it all. Even if I am trying here, it goes way beyond words,. Ir was very powerful.

We also did pair up into groups of two and do guided meditations together. Then we were asked to tell our partners the messages we sensed from our angels for them. Very different experience as to me I am not used to reading in person OR without cards, but it did seem to go quite well all the same. And ti was a very rewarding and educational experience.

I don't know what else to tell you, except that it was an amazing experience for me. It felt like a real spiritual atunement. And even if at times, I don't always agree with every word she me's an experience I would highly recommend all the same.